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Treatment of proctology in Kiev

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Mikhail Mishchenko

Proctologist, surgeon, M.D., Ph.D, Associated Professor

Proctology is a branch of medicine that is aimed at studying, diagnosing and treating various diseases of the anus, rectum and organs adhere to them.

Proctological diseases have always been classified as "delicate diseases", but today it is a group of one of the most common diseases. In most cases, patients hesitate to contact a specialist, postpone the visit to the proctologist, thereby aggravating the situation.

The department of the proctology of the private clinic "Mediland" is equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, which makes it possible to quickly and with minimal discomfort for the patient to correctly diagnose and perform effective treatment.

Doctor’s proctologists of our clinic every day dispel the myth that treatment of proctologic diseases are associated with big emotional experiences and painful sensations. The experience of our specialists allows delicately cure even the most neglected forms of diseases.

Many proctologic diseases, which were previously treated only by surgery, now are treated with modern – minimally invasive methods in the private clinic "Mediland".

The main criterion for the quality of our work is the quick recovery of the patient and stable treatment results.

Proctologists of MC "Mediland"
Mikhail Mischenko is a good proctologist in Kiev

Mikhail Mishchenko

Proctologist of the highest category, surgeon, PhD, MD, associated professor

Julia Zheltonozhskaya is a good proctologist in Kiev

Julia Zheltonozhskaya

Surgeon, proctologist

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What it is important to know:
Consultation of the proctologist in Kiev

When to contact a proctologist

Proctologists of MC "Mediland" are ready to help you, both in the treatment of diseases, and for their prevention.

Symptoms that require an appointment with a proctologist:

  • regular diarrhea, or vice versa, constipation;
  • pain near the anus;
  • cones on the anus;
  • swelling of the perianal area;
  • itching or burning in the rectum;
  • presence of blood, purulent or mucous discharge;
  • incontinence;
  • prolapse of the rectum.

People with excessive weight, as well as people whose activity is based on prolonged sitting, or systematic lifting of weights, should periodically consult a specialist for preventive purposes.

People who have undergone proctologic surgeries are also advised to visit a medical examination. In this case, a specialist can timely diagnose intestinal functions, and immediately eliminate problems that exclude the development of a severe condition in advanced stag

Clinic of Proctology in Kiev

Preparation for examination with a proctologist

As the experience of our doctors shows, for successful treatment, many patients have exhausting preparation for examination, and any painful diagnostic procedures are not required.

For the diagnosis and treatment of proctologic diseases, the doctor of the clinic of our clinic first collects information on complaints and analysis of anamnesis and then, depending on the specific situation, and only after that chooses the method of additional examination and the necessary preparation for this.

When contacting a specialist, the examination of the patient can be performed both after cleansing the colon and without special preparation (in cases when the patient for some reason cannot or does not want to prepare for examination).

Preparation for examination at home includes:

  • The day before the visit to the doctor, take only liquid food (juice, tea, kefir, etc.). To cleanse the intestines in the second half of the day, it is recommended to take an laxative “Fortrans” or its analogues according to the instructions (you can get an explanation in the registry of our medical center).
  • An examination is performed on an empty stomach. On the day of inspection, do not eat. Be sure to try to go to the toilet before going to the proctologist.
Proctology in Kiev - proctologic surgeries

Surgical treatment of proctologic diseases in the Medical Center "Mediland"

In case of patient's indications for surgical treatment of pathology, hospitalization is performed in our surgical hospital under the supervision of experienced medical personnel.

The patient will be placed in a comfortable single or double room. Each of the wards is equipped with an easy-to-use sanitary unit with a shower box, a refrigerator, a TV (digital TV), an Internet access point. The department provides a complete set of everything that the patient needs for personal care, depending on the type of intervention performed. Dietary meal is provided 4 times per day.

Information about methods of treatment of proctologic diseases in the MC "Mediland" can be found in the section "we treat" of this page.


It should be noted a lot of patients are very shy about going to this particular specialist. This is the most important mistake, because you do not need to be shy to be healthy. Our proctologists always react with understanding to such a delicate problem and help you in all cases.

Consultation of a private proctologist in the center of Kiev. Reception is conducted by a doctor of the highest category Mishchenko MikhailThe best proctologists in Kyiv Medildand work in KyivProctology in Kiev - experienced doctors and modern equipment

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