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Hemorrhoid treatment in Kiev

Автор статьи:

Mikhail Mishchenko

Proctologist, surgeon, M.D., Ph.D, Associated Professor

Treatment of hemorrhoids at Mediland Medical Center is the competence of proctologists who are proficient in modern methods of diagnosing and treating of this pathology. Specialists of the clinic constantly improve their skills and knowledge in the framework of specialized conferences, master classes and in communication with colleagues from France, Israel, Switzerland and other countries of Western and Eastern Europe.

Many of the approaches to the treatment of hemorrhoids, used in the medical center, are our personal experiences, which for decades allow physicians to treat patients with the maximum possible effect and minimal discomfort. Thanks to such approaches, many of the patients in the medical center note a complete absence of pain, even after the most extensive surgical interventions for advanced forms of hemorrhoids.

Causes of hemorrhoids

The essence of the disease lies in the formation of hemorrhoids inside the rectum from the existing there, the so-called "cavernous bodies" - special blood vessels with delicate and easily stretchable walls.

In conditions:

  • excessive arterial blood flow, which is triggered by the intake of spicy foods, alcohol, arterial hypertension;
  • and difficult venous outflow, which contributes to a long stay in a sitting position, heavy physical work, pregnancy and childbirth;

these vessels begin to increase in size and, further, as the structures of the anal canal are stretched, they fall out.

Accordingly, hemorrhoid treatment methods are aimed at normalizing blood flow in the blood vessels of the rectum, and restoring the normal anatomy of the anal canal.

A separate group of diseases is hemorrhoidal thrombosis.

The essence of thrombosis is the rupture of the artery that feeds cavernous tissue located under the skin or inside the rectum. The disease is accompanied by the formation of a painful bump under the skin (in fact, a blood clot), and passes without a trace after the end of the course of treatment.

Acute hemorrhoidal thrombosis can develop in people who do not suffer from chronic hemorrhoids and, contrary to existing myths, does not require complex treatment methods.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids in the arsenal of our doctors there is a full range of modern equipment: lasers, high-frequency coagulators (including Surgitron), biological tissue welding systems, ligation, devices for fixing the mucous membrane and performing various hardware hemorrhoidectomies.

As with the early stages of the disease, and with its advanced forms, the knowledge and skills of the proctologists of Mediland Medical Center will allow you to get rid of hemorrhoids quickly, with minimal discomfort, with excellent physiological and cosmetic (which is especially important for women) effect!

We offer the most optimal price-quality ratio, with a guarantee of 100% result. Contact our clinic and forget forever about hemorrhoids!

Doctors proctologists MC "Mediland"
Мищенко Михаил ‒ хороший проктолог в Киеве

Mikhail Mishchenko

Proctologist of the highest category, surgeon, PhD, MD, associated professor

Юлия Желтоножская - проктолог женщина в Киеве, лечение геморроя в частной клинике

Julia Zheltonozhskaya

Surgeon, proctologist

Methods of hemorrhoids treatment in Mediland Clinic
Удалить геморрой с помощью операции геморроидектомия

Treatment of hemorrhoids with conservative methods

It should be noted that the treatment of hemorrhoids without surgery is effective in the early stages of the disease.

Conservative treatment consists of:

  • general - the use of drugs that increase the tone of the veins and improve blood flow;
  • local - relieves pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids, which can burn, itch, and bleed, by applying suppositories and ointments.

Most often, therefore, hemorrhoids are treated after childbirth, or else during pregnancy, but only after a full examination.

For treatment, the patient does not need hospitalization.

Hemorrhoids in its advanced form do not respond well to conservative methods of treatment, and in this case, such treatment can only alleviate the symptoms, but not completely relieve them. In order to completely get rid of the disease, surgery is needed to remove hemorrhoids in the hospital.

Удаление геморроя лазером в Киеве, цена в частной клинике

Laser (photo) coagulation of hemorrhoids

The technique is applicable at the earliest stages of the disease, when the internal nodes already cause discomfort in the patient, bleeding with red blood, but still do not fall out from the anal canal during stool.

The essence of the method lies in the fact that with the help of a laser, cauterization of the vessels of the hemorrhoid is carried out, thereby stopping the blood flow to the node, and it disappears with time.

After laser surgery hemorrhoids are removed, and the disease may never disturb the patient again.

For treatment, the patient does not need hospitalization.

The estimated cost for such treatment is 150 - 250 euros.

Операция по удалению геморроя ‒ лазерная коагуляция геморроя, цена в Киеве

Laser intra-nodal coagulation surgery of hemorrhoids.

This technique is performed using a laser, without cuts. Through small punctures, laserthrodes are inserted into the hemorrhoids, where, under the influence of the beam energy:

  • the artery supplying the node is blocked;
  • the cavernous tissue of which the knot consists is completely evaporated.

As a result of laser operations for hemorrhoids, only the healthy rectal mucosa remains in place of hemorrhoids, and the absence of wounds in the anal canal minimizes the discomfort from such a rather radical surgical treatment.

In extremely advanced cases of the disease and with some individual characteristics of the patient, the laser surgery can be combined with other surgical techniques. In most cases, the operation is complemented by fixation of the mucous membrane of the rectum, which falls outside when the disease forms are neglected, with special sutures. In our clinic, such fixation is performed using Italian surgical kits. After resorption of the sutures, the mucous membrane that fell out of the rectum during stool, together with the hemorrhoidal nodes, is securely fixed in the normal anatomical position and does not bother the patient at all.

Duration of inpatient stay 1-2 days.

Approximate term of disability is 3-7 days.

The total cost of laser surgery for hemorrhoids is 740-1070 euros.

Удаление геморроя лазером в Киеве, цена в частной клинике

Laser modifications of radical operations

Removal of hemorrhoids with a laser is used for advanced forms of the disease, when large nodes fall out of the rectum or are constantly outside, causing discomfort, itching, bleeding. In our clinic, treatment of hemorrhoids with a laser is carried out on high-tech equipment, almost painlessly.

During surgery, large nodes are removed, small ones are coagulated with a laser (prevention of relapse). The external nodes are excised through small incisions. The integrity of the skin and tissues above the removed internal nodes is restored by special absorbable sutures.

The operation permanently relieves the patient from hemorrhoids and, gives excellent functional and cosmetic results.

The intervention is performed under "regional" anesthesia, completely painless.

The term of hospitalization is 2-3 days.

The disability period is 14 days, which is associated with the need to care for seams in the anal canal.

The estimated cost of such treatment is 720 - 910 euros.

Геморрой, удаление операция

Longo’s Method

The essence of the method consists in the circular excision of a part of the mucous membrane of the rectum together with the vessels supplying the hemorrhoids enlarged to grade III - IV. Due to resection of a rather wide strip of mucous membrane, the falling out tissues are pulled back into the intestine with a “hardware suture”.

The technique gives good and stable results in time, although it is not radical in essence. Blood supply of nodes can be restored at the expense of the remained vessels.

The patient needs hospitalization for 2 to 3 days. The operation is performed under the conditions of “regional anesthesia”.

Approximate disability period is about 7 days.

Estimated cost for such treatment is 1290 - 1380 euros.

Геморрой операция в Киеве


The technique is used in acute forms of hemorrhoids (ruptures of blood vessels, in which dense painful bumps form around the anal canal). The method consists in dissecting the skin over the node and removing blood clots.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia and does not require hospitalization in the department.

The estimated cost for such treatment is 120 - 150 euros.

Операция по удалению геморроя, цена в Киеве

Excision of external hemorrhoidal catch (plastic surgery of external nodes)

The operation consists of the excision of inflammations or simply causing discomfort and aesthetic dissatisfaction in the patient's external hemorrhoids.

This procedure removes excess of the skin with nodes of cavernous tissue under it. Healthy skin is restored with a special suture. After surgery, the appearance of the perianal area takes on a natural, healthy look.

For treatment, the patient does not need hospitalization.

The estimated cost for such treatment is 250–600 euros, depending on the need for correction of the accompanying pathology.

Внутренний геморрой IV стадии. ФотоФото: через сутки после операции по удалению внутреннего геморроя IV стадииФото: через 14 суток после операции по удалению внутреннего геморроя IV стадии

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