Outpatient department of MEDILAND clinic on Lukyanovka in Kiev

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Address: 11-b Marshal Rybalko Street, 1st Floor, Kyiv

☎ +38 044 355-55-31; +38 098 119-62-00; +38 095 365-00-04

Outpatient department of MEDILAND clinic is a comfortable modern and technically equipped ambulant clinic in Kiev center providing functional diagnostics services.  The out-patient clinic is situated in five minutes’ walk from Lukianivska Metro Station.

Counseling services in MEDILAND Clinic are provided by specialists having wide and narrow specialization, i.e. gynecologist, general practitioner, mammologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, surgeon, proctologist, urologist, phlebologist, otolaryngologist etc.

The out-patient clinic provides the following services: ultrasound investigation, day in-patient facility, functional diagnostics (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, colposcopy, cardiac ultrasound, BP and ECG-day monitoring).

Apart from common list of services being provided in most private out-patient clinics, our clients can sign an agreement for a year long services that will spare their family budget.

Mediland Clinic is the place where you can get a wide range of medical services apart from periodic health examination:

  • medical advice of highly qualified specialists;
  • constant medical supervision by a personal physician in case of signing a medical services agreement;
  • comprehensive programs;
  • issuance of statements of health (check-up);
  • analysis and diagnostics;
  • Out-patient surgical services (excision of a skin lesion, (ingrown nail), drainage of furuncles and abscesses etc.);
  • Out-patient nursing services (intramuscular and intravenous injections, bandaging, etc).

In case of indications for surgical treatment you could be hospitalized in our comfortable modern and technically equipped day in-patient facility providing scheduled and urgent surgical services.

Out-patient clinic services:

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What it is important to know:

List of contractual services, provided by Mediland Clinic:

The following services are provided in our clinic according to the terms and conditions of current agreement:

  • general practitioner;
  • family doctor;
  • gynecologist;
  • urologist;
  • procedures in day in-patient facility;
  • taking of samples for analysis;
  • ultrasound investigation, EСG;
  • 30% discount for by specialists with narrow specialization;
  • 15% discount for surgical treatment in a comfortable day in-patient facility.

Information for contractual clients. Indicate your client card or agreement number when making an appointment.

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