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Diagnostics in Kiev

Диагностика в МЦ Медиленд

Medical Center "Mediland" is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment for making accurate diagnoses in various fields of medicine.

This page describes the diagnostic methods for which patients go to the medical center on their own.

Such specific diagnostic methods as:

  • colposcopy,
  • laparoscopy,
  • arthroscopy,
  • cystoscopy,
  • sigmoidoscopy,
  • X-ray diagnostics and others, presented in the Medical Center «Mediland»

- are described in the profile sections of the site.


Our specialists
Врач УЗИ - запись на прием

Lyubov Vinnitskaya-Gladkaya

Doctor of ultrasound diagnostic, MD, Associate Professor

Врач эндоскопист - запись на прием

Julia Merenko

Doctor endoscopist, surgeon

Лабораторная диагностика. Запись на прием

Marina Fedorishina

Chef of the laboratory

Дерматоскопия. Запись на прием

Anastasia Alastorskikh

Doctor dermatologist, trichologist

Дерматоскопия. Запись на прием

Anna Belokon

Doctor dermatologist, oncodermatologist

УЗИ вен нижних конечностей. Запись на прием

Andrey Bakhtizin

Head doctor, surgeon of the highest category

What is important to know:
УЗИ вен нижних конечностей. Запись на диагностику


Preparation for ultrasound examination is important if the patient needs ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. In this case, the examination is performed on an empty stomach.

For some types of gynecological ultrasound, ultrasound of the bladder and prostate in men, a filled bladder is necessary.

Ultrasound of joints, vessels, soft tissues, as well as all types of ultrasound in case of an urgent pathology, are performed without preparation.

In the Medical Center «Mediland» you have the opportunity to undergo all kinds of ultrasound diagnostics, namely:

  • screening ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity, retroperitoneal space;
  • USD urinary and reproductive systems of men and women;
  • Ultrasound with doplerography of the vessels of the head, neck, veins on the legs;
  • USD of joints of hands, knee, feet;
  • Heart ultrasound;
  • Ultrasound of thyroid gland, salivary gland, lymph nodes, soft tissues and others.

Ultrasound diagnostics is carried out by high-class specialists using modern ultrasound devices, which in combination provides high-quality and accurate diagnostics.

Компьютерная томография в Киеве, МЦ Медиленд

Computed tomography (CT):

Computed tomography (CT) is a highly informative method of radiation diagnostics, which is based on layer-by-layer scanning of tissues using x-rays. CT is used for accurate diagnosis by doctors of absolutely all specializations.

Multislice computerized diagnostics (MSCT) of all zones, organs, bones and joints is available for our clients:
  • MSCT of the brain and skull bones

  • MSCT of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine

  • MSCT of the bones of the pelvis, sacrum and coccyx

  • MSCT of the joints: shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist, ankle

  • MSCT of the chest, abdominal cavity and small pelvis, urinary system

Including with the introduction of contrast for a more accurate diagnosis as prescribed by the attending physician.
To conduct a CT scan of the internal organs, preparation is necessary, specify when making an appointment for an examination!

Computed tomography is performed at the Mediland Clinic at ul. Marshal Rybalko, 11-B, Kiev. Pre-registration is required.

Рентген в Киеве, МЦ Медиленд


X-ray studies at the Mediland Clinic are used for the diagnosis and urgent diagnosis of many pathologies and diseases of the internal organs. X-ray is widely used in therapy, traumatology. Certain research methods show high efficiency for the diagnosis of gynecological, surgical, gastroenterological diseases.
  • chest,
  • gastrointestinal tract,
  • musculoskeletal system,
  • ENT organs,
  • urinary system,
  • etc.

To conduct certain types of x-rays, preparation is necessary, specify when making an appointment for an examination!

X-ray is carried out at the Mediland Clinic at st. Marshal Rybalko, 11-B, Kiev. Pre-registration is required.

Маммография в Киеве, МЦ Медиленд


Diagnosis of the condition of the breast. Mammography is done to diagnose cancer. For prevention, mammography is recommended after the age of 40 once a year.

This examination allows not only to determine the presence of changes in the tissues of the mammary gland, but also to assess their size, nature, prevalence. And most importantly, it allows you to identify these changes at an early stage.
The Mediland Clinic performs X-ray mammography, or rather, its digital version, to date, is the most reliable and reliable method for examining the breast.

The procedure is carried out using a special x-ray machine - a digital mammograph. Thanks to digital technology, the quality of the obtained images is improved, while for patients the procedure is completely painless, with a minimum dose of radiation.

On a digital mammograph, it is possible to conduct an examination of women with breast implants.

A picture should be taken from the 5th to the 12th day of the menstrual cycle (from the beginning of menstruation).

Mammography is performed at the Mediland Clinic at ul. Marshal Rybalko, 11-B, Kiev. Pre-registration is required.

Гастроскопия в МЦ Медиленд. Запись на прием к эндоскописту


  • performed by modern equipment;
  • during the procedure the following endoscopic manipulations are carried out:
    • administration of medications;
    • taking a cytological analysis;
    • determination of pH-metry;
    • taking material for lab investigation: H.pilory - causative agent of peptic ulcer;
    • taking biopsy material of the esophagus’s mucosa, stomach and duodenum;
  • Endoscopic removal of polyps is performed;
  • video registration of the procedure is performed, if necessary, with the issuance of a record on the disk to the patient;
  • If necessary, the procedure can be performed under general anesthesia.

Gastroscopy is performed in the “Mediland” Clinic.

Preliminary record is required.

Колоноскопия в Киеве на Лукьяновке. Запись на диагностику


  • The procedure is performed under intravenous anesthesia;
  • performed by modern equipment;
  • during the procedure the following endoscopic manipulations are carried out:
    • taking a cytological analysis;
    • taking biopsy material of the altered intestinal mucosa;
    • introduction of medicines;
  • Endoscopic removal of polyps is performed;
  • the procedure is fixed to a digital medium and, if necessary, a CD/DVD with a recording is issued.

Colonoscopy  is performed in the “Mediland” Clinic.

Preliminary record is required.

Лабораторные анализы крови, мочи, кала в Киеве. Медиленд.

Laboratory tests in the MC "Mediland"

Blood tests: The quality of any blood test will undoubtedly be higher if the test is given on an empty stomach. In the case of urgent interventions necessary tests are given at any time of the day.

A number of tests can be given only before meals (for example: blood test for sugar). Therefore, when the doctor assigns to you this or that analysis, check with a specialist whether it is possible to take this analysis after a meal.

Urinalysis: A routine clinical analysis of urine is given without any preparation. But there are a number of tests for the delivery of which you need to adhere to certain rules, which you will tell the doctor who prescribes the analysis.

Women are advised to wash themselves before the test.

And for women and men it is advisable to take the "second" portion of urine (after a brief urination into the toilet, the second portion is collected in a container).

Stool analysis: Depending on the problem, the feces can be collected in a non-sterile container (feces for scatology), or in a sterile container (feces analysis for dysbacteriosis). It is the second type of analysis that is more difficult for the patient, since the quality of the analysis may depend on adherence to the rules of material sampling.

Exact recommendations on the rules for the delivery of such an analysis can be obtained from a medical professional who issues a special container to the patient.


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