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Otolaryngology treatment in Kiev

«Medland & raquo; Clinic: ear, throat, nose & ndash; treatment of ENT diseases in Kiev

This is a branch of medicine, which specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ear, throat and nose, as well as the neck and head.

In the Medical Center "Mediland" the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ENT organs are performed by experienced doctors-otolaryngologists of the highest qualification category, using the most modern technologies. This allows to determine the exact diagnosis, establish the cause of ENT pathology and prescribe an effective individual treatment for the patient.

Otolaryngologists successfully treat ENT diseases in their practice both conservatively and surgically. Consultations and operations of ENT organs in our center are performed with minimal discomfort and maximum effect for our patients!

Most surgical interventions for ENT diseases are performed without hospitalization. Our doctors-otolaryngologists solve the most complex surgical problems in just one day, thanks to the use of powerful lasers and video endoscopes, as well as minimally invasive techniques of surgical treatment.

In case of hospitalization, a comfortable hospital is at the disposal of our patients.

If you observe any changes in the work of ENT organs, pain, discharge and so on – sign up for a consultation of our otolaryngologist.


Ent-department of the center diagnoses and cure such diseases as:
What it is important to know:
Symptoms of ENT diseases & ndash; consultation of the otolaryngologist

What are the symptoms for the ENTconsultation?

You need to visit of an ENT doctor in case you have the following symptoms:

  • pain in the throat, in the ear, in the infraorbital region (projection of the maxillary sinus), which becomes stronger with the head inclined forward, headache;
  • congestion or dryness in the nose, decreased sense of smell, chronic rhinitis, nasal breathing disorders, snoring;
  • nose blood, frequent diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses;
  • discomfort, dryness and perspiration in the throat, up to painful sensations when swallowing;
  • any secretions from the nose, ears, eyes (tear gland) – can even with impurities of pus.

Inspection of the otolaryngologist does not require special preparation of the patient.

Do not ignore symptoms and do not self-medicate – this can lead to very dangerous complications and consequences.

Treatment of ENT diseases in Kiev

Doctors of Department of Otolaryngology diagnoses and cures

In the ENT department of the Medical Center Mediland, doctors diagnose and effectively treat a wide variety of ENT pathologies, including chronic ones:

  • rhinitis – vasomotor, hypertrophic and allergic, snoring;
  • sinusitis, sinusitis, adenoids;
  • tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sore throat, etc .;
  • otitis (catarrhal, purulent, exudative);
  • abscesses of ENT organs of different etiology;
  • foreign bodies of the ear, throat, nose – removal;
  • the curved septum of the nose – septoplasty (alignment);
  • benign and malignant neoplasms of the ENT organs.
ENT department (otolaryngology) in Kiev: consultation of ENT, ENT surgery

ENT doctors of the Mediland Clinic perform the following procedures

In the department of otolaryngology of the Mediland Clinic the full range of ENT procedures presented:

  • endoscopic diagnosis of ENT organs;;
  • lavage of the lacunae of the tonsils, intra-oral infusion;
  • lavage of the sinuses of the nose, "Cuckoo";
  • lavage of lacrimal ducts;
  • massage of the nasolacrimal canal;
  • removal of ear plugs, massage of eardrums;
  • blowing and catheterization of the auditory tubes;
  • laser ENT surgery;
  • endoscopic ENT surgery;
  • ENT surgery and so on.

The cost of diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations you can see in the section Otolaryngology on the page "Prices"

Цена консультации ЛОРа, ЛОР хирургия в Киеве

Servicing of contract customers:

Consultation of a doctor-otolaryngologist for contract clients is carried out with a 25% discount.

ENT surgery for contract patients is carried out with a 10% discount.


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