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Andrey Zheltonozhsky

Лучший анестезиолог Клиники Медиленд в КиевеDoctor anesthesiologist of the highest category

Work experience 21 years.

He is proficient in all methods of anesthesia, providing high-quality anesthesia during any surgical intervention. He always individually approaches the choice of the type of pain relief, taking into account the characteristics of each patient and the volume of the forthcoming operation. Allows the patient to retain positive memories of their stay in the clinic, even with such an unpleasant moment as surgery.


  • Graduated from Lugansk State Medical Institute.
  • Completed an internship in anesthesiology.
  • Annual refresher courses.
  • Participant of many conferences and symposia.
  • Co-author of several medical publications in scientific literature.


Pain relief techniques

General anesthesia with mechanical ventilation
Epidural anesthesia
Intravenous anesthesia
Spinal anesthesia
Conductive anesthesia
Laryngeal mask

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