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Inpatient department

Medical Center "Mediland" offers services of modern hospital.

The surgical hospital of the Medical Center “Mediland” is equipped with the most modern equipment, which allows performing operations of any complexity in such medical specializations as surgery, proctology, urology, gynecology, ENT, traumatology, plastic surgery, endocrinology, etc.

The hospital includes: an operational unit for two operating rooms with all necessary equipment, 10 comfortable hospital wards for 20 people, a nursing post, with round-the-clock control.

In the surgical hospital "Medilend" as planned as urgent operations are carried out.

Telephone 24 hours a day (044) 355 55 31

Implementation of all kinds of operational intervention:

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Inpatient department of the Medical Center "Mediland" consists of:

Operating unit:

  • a block with three operational halls, that allows to perform operations simultaneously or in a streaming mode (while an operation is performed in one operation hall, the second one is sterilized);
  • modern equipment for laser and endoscopic operations:
    • Laser «Dornier Medilas H», is used for crushing stones in urological operations, and in carrying out ENT-vasotomy;
    • coagulators "ERBE" and "ERBE VIO";
    • Radiowave scalpel «Surgitron» for dermatological and gynecological operations and manipulations;
    • three-chip Stryker camera for endoscopic operations;
    • hysteropomp "Olympus" for gynecological operations;
    • colposcope for gynecological manipulations;
    • Equipment for gastro-, fibro-, video and videocolonoscopy;
  • regular and timely treatment of the operating unit with modern means of disinfection;
  • autoclave for sterilizing linen and operatic materials;
  • combined extract and input ventilation, air recirculation that allows air to be sterilized during the operation, etc. 

Intensive care unit (resuscitation)


Comfortable hospital wards:

  • comfortable conditions in the postoperative period;
  • single, double hospital wards of the standard class and deluxe (difference in size and in the availability of additional furniture);
  • WC and a shower box in each room;
  • fridge;
  • TV (a large range of digital channels), an access point to the Internet (WiFi);
  • dietary food.
Персонал хирургического стационара

Highly professional staff

  • Round-the-clock supervision and care of highly qualified medical personnel.
  • All kinds of manipulation.
  • Day care services.
Медицинский стол в МЦ Медиленд - вкусен и полезен

Meals in the hospital:

Patients of the hospital are provided with delicious, and corresponding medical requirements, 4-times a day meals. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner are delivered in individual thermoboxes.

Delivery is 4 times a day, so all portions are always freshly cooked.

The menu is very pleasing to the variety.



The department provides everything needs for the patient’s personal care, depending on the type of performed intervention.

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