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Volkov Alexander

Врач ортопед-травматолог высшей категорииOrthopedic surgeon, traumatologist

Medical experience 39 years

Dr. Volkov has performed more than 3000 arthroscopies of the knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder joints with meniscectomy, suture meniscus, arthroplasty, removal of free bone and cartilage bodies, the restoration of the ligamentous apparatus of the knee, elbow, ankle joints, open corrective osteotomies of the hip, tibia, foot, shoulder, forearm, Metal osteosynthesis of the bones of the upper and lower extremities.

In his professional activities Dr. Volkov closely cooperates with the Carolina Medical Centre clinics in Warsaw and clinic Villa Stuart, Rome Italy in cases of complex injuries and orthopedic diseases, clinical analysis is carried out to determine further treatment tactics with the possibility of surgical treatment in this clinic.

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