Marshal Rybalko street, 11-B, Kiev

Tatyana Semenova

Doctor gynecologist, obstetrician in KievDoctor gynecologist, obstetrician, reproductologist

Medical experience 13 years

She actively participates in regional and international conferences.

Member of the All-Ukrainian Association "Healthy Family - Healthy Nation".

Specializes in the individual management of pregnancy, including after in vitro fertilization programs (IVF), the management of physiological labor. She is a responsible obstetrician for contract management of pregnancy in the center.

Conducts classes for future parents, preparation for partnership childbirth.

Consultations, an individual selection of contraceptive methods, including the formulation and extraction of intrauterine devices, vaginal rings.

Treatment of inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs (adnexitis, hydrosalpinx, endometritis, salpingitis, oophoritis, etc.). Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

Treatment of women with primary and secondary infertility. Conducts a full diagnosis of the factors and causes of infertility. She is a responsible obstetrician by a gynecologist under the program “Planning a baby” of MC “Mediland”.

Engaged in conservative treatment, management and dynamic observation of women with uterine myoma and ovarian cysts.

Screening for diseases of the uteri cervix (PAP-test, video banding, biopsy) and treatment of the identified pathology (radio wave vaporization, conisation of the cervix, removal of polyps and postpartum deformities).

Treatment of women with abnormal uterine bleeding in the premenopausal and reproductive periods.

Surgical treatment of gynecological pathology.

Consultation with a paid gynecologist in Kiev

Consultations in a full range of surveys:

  • Gynecological examination of women.
  • Sampling of material for research (microscopic and cytological smear analysis, PAP-test, PCR-diagnostics, bacteorological seeding, endometrial biopsy, cervical biopsy, microflora examination).
  • Digital video colposcopy (conclusion and pictures are handed out).
  • Transvaginal ultrasound (US) in the pathology of the pelvic organs.
  • Recommendations for the examination and treatment of various gynecological pathology.
Obstetrician gynecologist for pregnancy management in Kiev on Lukyanovka

Conducting pregnancy:

  • Management of pregnant women is carried out in accordance with the protocol of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the basis of recommendations developed in the center.
  • Management of women with extra genital pathology, together with other specialists.
  • I-st and II-nd biochemical screening for the identification of congenital fetal pathology, as well as ultrasound diagnostics with the involvement of the partner medical-genetic center.
  • Dynamic monitoring of the state of the mother and the fetus (control of weight gain, blood pressure, fetal heartbeat, etc.)
  • Preparation for the maternity commission.
  • Individual classes on: breast feeding, hygiene, physical activity, preparation for childbirth and the characteristics of the postpartum period, postpartum depression.
Diagnosis of the cervix in Kiev

Treatment of cervical disease:

Conservative treatment of inflammatory processes of the cervix with dynamic observation.

Radio wave vaporization of the cervix with ectopia, dysplasia, polyposis. It does not require hospitalization and anesthesia. It does not have complications such as shortening and scarring of the cervix, keeps full-value chances of normal delivery.

Treatment of diseases of the cervix in Kiev

Radio wave and electroconisation of the cervix:

Used with deeper and running processes on the cervix.

Carried out in conditions of intravenous anesthesia in conditions of a highly equipped operating room.

The patient spends in the hospital no more than a day.

The ability to work is fully preserved.

Diagnosis of the causes of infertility in Kiev, price

Ultrasound metrosalpingoscopy with photofixation:

It is used to diagnose tubular factor in female infertility, allows you to determine the patency of the fallopian tubes throughout, to detect the level of obstacles.

The procedure is less traumatic, does not require cuts and is performed through natural anatomical structures, practically painless and does not require general anesthesia.

The procedure is well tolerated, during the day may be mild discomfort, as in painful menstruation.


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