Marshal Rybalko street, 11-B, Kiev

Elena Shparik

 Шпарик Елена Владимировна Врач гастроэнтеролог в КиевеDoctor gastroenterologist

Medical work experience over 16 years

Elena Vladimirovna specializes in the diagnosis and conservative treatment of a wide range of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder and liver.


  • 2004 - Graduated from the First Medical Faculty of the National Medical University. AA Bogomolets, specialty "General Medicine"
  • 2005 - Internship in the specialty "Therapy", NMU them. A.A. Bogomolets,
  • 2011 - Clinical residency in the specialty "Therapy", National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. P.L. Shupika
  • 2014 - Specialization in the specialty "Gastroenterology", Department of Internal Medicine №1 NMU named after A.A. Bogomolets,
  • 2018 - Awarded the I (first) qualification category in the specialty "Gastroenterology"
  • 2020 - Specialization "Ultrasound diagnostics", Ukrainian Military Medical Academy2020 - TU "Modern methods of diagnostics of internal diseases and practical skills of a physician-therapist", NMAPO them. P.L. Shupika
  • 2021 - TU "Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases", NMAPO them. P.L. Shupika

Membership in associations:

Association of Preventive and Antiaging Therapy

Ukrainian Gastroenterological Association


  • Diagnostics and treatment of pathology of the digestive system;

  • Management of patients with acute and chronic diseases of the digestive system:
    - peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum,
    - gastroesophageal reflux disease,
    - chronic pancreatitis,
    - cholecystitis,
    - gastritis,
    - duodenitis, etc.;

  • Management of patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders:
    - gastroduodenal disorders,
    - esophageal disorders,
    - intestinal disorders;

  • Diagnostics and treatment of patients with hepatobiliary pathology:
    - hepatitis of various etiology (except viral),
    - cirrhosis of the liver,
    - diseases of the gallbladder, etc.;

  • Diagnostics and treatment of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases:
    - nonspecific ulcerative colitis,
    - Crohn's disease,
    - diverticular disease of the colon.

The doctor conducts an appointment at the Polyclinic on Lukyanovka MC "Mediland" at Marshal Rybalko Street, 11-B, Kiev

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