Marshal Rybalko street, 11-B, Kiev

Marina Leongardt

Cosmetologist in Kiev, beauty injections, tattoo, facial, piercingCosmetologist, Certified contour plastics coach

  • Specialist in "Anti-Age" therapy.
  • Certified coach of "NLC Aesthetic School" in contour plastics.

Experience 20 years.

  • high education in cosmetology.
  • wide range of services in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.
  • aesthetic medicine procedures

Marina treats the skin, as well as the correction, including age-related changes, using injection techniques:

  • mesotherapy of the face, neck, scalp, décolleté and hands;
  • skin biorevitalisation of the face, neck, décolleté and hands;
  • contour plastics with hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite fillers in such areas as:
    • cheekbones,
    • nasolacrimal groove,
    • nasolabial folds,
    • chin,
    • neck,
    • face shape,
    • nose,
    • earlobes,
    • lip volume correction,
  • botulinum therapy:
    • the upper third of the face (eyebrow fold, wrinkles on the back and the wings of the nose, horizontal wrinkles of the forehead, “crow's feet”),
    • the lower third of the face (purgative wrinkles, wrinkles "puppet", cords of platysma, correction of the facial contours),
    • treatment of hyperhidrosis or increased sweating.
  • PRP-therapy or plasma-lifting of the skin of the face, neck, scalp, décolleté and hands.

Cosmetology services

  • Facial skin cleaning: performs mechanical, ultrasound, atraumatic facial cleansing.
  • Chemical peelings.
  • Various skin care protocols.
  • Facial massage: perfectly mastered several facial massage techniques:
    • classic,
    • lymphatic drainage,
    • plastic,
    • Spanish lifting.
  • Uses in its work hardware techniques:
    • microcurrent massage,
    • radio wave lifting,
    • face and body biostimulation using the Futura Pro device,
    • ultrasonic phonophoresis,
    • carbon laser peeling,
    • laser treatment of pigmentation and rosacea,
    • laser removal of tattoo
    • radio wave removal of skin tumors,
  • Performs permanent tattoo of eyebrows, eyelids, lips, as well as “reconstructive” tattooing. Work experience in the field of tattoo - 18 years. She has a specialty makeup artist, participated in the international competition InterSHARM. Performs various micropigmentation techniques:
    • shadow technique
    • feathering
    • glaze,
    • hair technique.

Uses high-quality paints and apparatus of the German brand Purebaw.

Doctor conducts aa appointments and procedures at the Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery Department MC "Mediland"


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