Marshal Rybalko street, 11-B, Kiev

Lyubov Vinnitska-Gladka

Лучший врач УЗИ в КиевеDoctor of Ultrasound examination Ph.D., M.D, Associated Professor

Lecturer, Department of Radiology, Shupika National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (NMAPE).

Experience – 39 years.

Diplomas and certificates, membership in associations:

Dr. Vinnitskaya-Gladkaya Lyubov is a member of the International Association of Radiologists, the Association of Radiologists of Ukraine, a member of the European Club of Pancreatology, is a full member of the International Academy of Bioenergy Technologies (academic title of Doctor of Philosophy of Medicine since 2007).

Author and co-author of 204 scientific and educational works, including co-authority of the textbook "Radiology", monographs for radiologists, methodological recommendations, reviewer of the monograph "Chronic pulmonary heart: modern concepts" TM. Khristich, Bukovinsky Medical University (2010).

She has 7 patents for invention.

Specialization doctor:

  • Specialization in the organization and management of health care, 2009.
  • Specialization in radiology: Moscow – 1989, St. Petersburg 1992 – Oncology Institute, Institute of Radiology, Military Medical Department.
  • Interventional radiology.
  • The main scientific direction is ultrasound diagnostics (problems of atherosclerosis), the study of vessels of the head and neck, abdominal aorta, arteries of the extremities, joints, internal organs using Doppler studies.

Awards and honors:

  • Reward for scientific work: Sonographic examination in patients with pancreatitis – ranked third in Europe among scientific papers, 2015.
  • Gratitude from the Kiev mayor for a significant contribution to health development, 2005.
  • Certificate of Merit of the General Directorate of Health of the Kiev State Administration, 2006.
  • Certificate of honor of the head of the Chernivtsi regional council, 2007.
  • Gratitude of the chairman of the Bukovyna community in Kiev, 2011.
  • Gratitude of the Rector of NMAPE, 2010.
  • Awarded the medal "20 Years of Independence of Ukraine" by the International Academy of Rating Technologies and Sociology "Golden Fortune" for the development of new technologies in the application of low temperatures in medicine.
  • Diploma of the Paton’s Institute for the contribution to the development of medical equipment based on the use of low temperatures.
Лукьяновка, проведение УЗИ в Киеве.

At the Mediland clinic doctor of Ultrasound examination performs the following ultrasound examinations:

  • Ultrasonography of vessels of the neck and head;
  • abdominal organs;
  • thyroid gland;
  • mammary glands;
  • pelvic organs;
  • joints;
  • all studies with Doppler blood flow mapping;
  • salivary glands;
  • soft tissue.

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