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Natalia Klimenko

Опытный врач ультразвуковой диагностики УЗИ в центре Киева на Лукьяновке, Поликлиника МедилендUltrasound Diagnostic Doctor

Work experience - 14 years.


  • 2006 - National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets;
  • 2008 - Internship, Emergencies and Disaster Medicine.
  • 2008 - modern ultrasound methods for diagnosing cardiovascular diseases;
  • 2009 - daily monitoring of EKG and blood pressure in the diagnosis and assessment of the effectiveness of treatment of cardiac patients;
  • 2010 - diagnosis of breast diseases (Doppler club);
  • 2010 - participation in the international conference "Modern achievements of ultrasound diagnostics" (Sudak);
  • 2011 - participation in the International Congress of Cardiology;
  • 2012 - modern methods of Doppler ultrasonography of extra and intracranial vessels (Department of Cardiology and Functional Diagnostics);
  • 2013 - participation in the 2nd International Medical Congress;
  • 2015 - All-Ukrainian School of Ultrasound and Functional Diagnostics;
  • 2016 - duplex scanning of the extracranial parts of the aorta;
  • 2016 - Ultrasound diagnostics of peripheral arterial diseases.

Membership in associations:

Ukrainian Association of Ultrasound Diagnostic Specialists


The doctor conducts an appointment at the Polyclinic on Lukyanovka MC "Mediland" at Marshal Rybalko Street, 11-B, Kiev

Diagnostics and treatment of diseases
Где сделать УЗИ в Киеве на Лукьяновке? УЗИ брюшной полости, почек, щитовидки, желчного пузыря и прочее в Поликлинике Медиленд

The ultrasound doctor performs the following types of ultrasound diagnostics (ultrasound):

  • Ultrasound of the abdominal and retroperitoneal organs,
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland, mammary glands, pelvic organs;
  • ECHO KG;
  • Doppler ultrasonography of the vessels of the head and neck;
  • Doppler ultrasonography of the vessels of the lower extremities;
  • Ultrasound diagnostics of lymph nodes and soft tissues.

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