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Treatment of abscesses in Kiev

Лечение фурункула, карбункула и других гнойников в Киеве

Abscess (real abscess, furuncle, carbuncle, phlegmon, hydradenitis) is an inflammatory disease of the skin with the possible involvement of its appendages, soft tissues. It occurs as a result of violation of the integrity (injury) of the skin and infection.

There are the following types of abscesses:

  • A real abscess is a limited inflammatory process of soft tissue with purulent or purulent-necrotic contents.
  • Furuncle is an acute purulent-necrotic inflammation of the hair follicle or sebaceous gland with the surrounding connective tissue, caused by pyogenic bacteria, mainly Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Carbuncle is an acute inflammation of several adjacent, hair follicles with the formation of an extensive focus of necrosis on the skin.
  • Cellulitis is diffuse purulent inflammation of subcutaneous fatty tissue, in contrast to the abscess does not have clear boundaries.
  • Hydradenitis is purulent inflammation of the apocrine sweat glands. With self-treatment, it is often multiple, in which case it is called “suckling udder”.

Conservative treatment for purulent diseases of soft tissues is not effective. All abscesses are subject to surgical treatment.


Treatment methods
Opening, excision of a furuncle, abscess in Kiev

Surgical treatment of abscess (dissection, drainage, excision)

Treatment of abscess is carried out only by operational method. The operation consists in opening the abscess, excision of necrotic tissues and adequate drainage of the cavity.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia, with the exception of processes involving subcutaneous fat and muscle. In this case, short-term intravenous anesthesia is indicated.

As a rule, patients do not need hospitalization.

Disability period is up to 10 days, which is associated with the need for dressings postoperative wounds. The postoperative period is painless.


Conservative treatment

Drug treatment of purulent diseases of soft tissues is an addition to surgical treatment. It consists of antibiotic therapy, anti-inflammatory therapy and postoperative wound dressings.


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