Marshal Rybalko street, 11-B, Kiev

Tatiana Roslyakova

Рослякова Татьяна Владимировна - онколог в Киеве, Медиленд

Clinical oncologist, chemotherapist

Experience - 25 years

The first Ukrainian independent clinical oncologist, expert in clinical oncology. The first oncologist in Ukraine who successfully used a combination of chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy outside clinical trials in the treatment of a patient with non-small cell lung cancer, a scientific film was made based on experience. In the treatment, the doctor is guided exclusively by international standards. Each patient and each disease is approached individually

Member of the European Society of Medical Oncologists ESMO

Education and skills development:

  • 1992 - Kharkov Medical Institute
  • 1997 - Zaporozhye State Medical University
  • 1999 - Internship in the specialty "Oncology"
  • 2008 - Courses in dermatoscopy, Moscow
  • 2008 - Internship in radio wave surgery "Surgitron", Dnipro
  • 2010 - International School of Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine
  • 2011 - Internship in the mammological center of the city of Hamburg "Mammocentrum" under the guidance of Professor K. Friedrichs, Germany
  • 2011 - Training course on radiation therapy led by ESTRO
  • since 2011 - Annual participation in the ESMO oncology congress
  • 2014 - ASCO Congress in the USA
  • 2017 - School of Immunotherapy, Israel
  • 2018 - European Congress of Lung Cancer Treatment (ELCC)
  • 2019, 2020 Internship at the Ichilov clinic, Israel

Accompanying a clinical oncologist includes:

  • Clinical examination of patients
  • Choosing a treatment algorithm
  • Medical support at all stages of treatment, including:
    - chemotherapy,
    - targeted therapy,
    - immunotherapy,
    - radiotherapy
  • Dispensary observation after completion of special treatment

Advises and treats on the following oncological diseases:

  • Lung cancer
  • Mammary cancer
  • Oncological diseases of the pelvic organs. Colon cancer
  • Gastrointestinal cancer. Stomach cancer. Pancreatic cancer and others
  • Prostate cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Ovarian and cervical cancer
  • Skin cancer, melanoma and soft tissue sarcoma
  • Tumors of the head and neck. Malignant brain tumors
  • Cancer of the oropharynx, nasopharynx, larynx
  • etc.

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