Marshal Rybalko street, 11-B, Kiev

Nadia Külafly

X-ray laboratory assistant

experience 31 years

The main task of the radiologist is to obtain a high-quality image of the focus of the pathological process, to determine its exact localization. Nadezhda Ivanovna does not treat patients, but the quality of the image / study and, as a result, the accuracy of the diagnosis depends on her accurate work.

The radiologist performs radiography, protects the patient from x-rays, draws up documentation for the study, is responsible for the serviceability of the equipment and the technical condition of the x-ray room.

Graduated from ZFPO "Kyiv Professional Medical College 3"

Specialization in clinical X-ray diagnostics on the basis of the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

Regular refresher courses, pre-certification cycles and certification every 5 years.

At Mediland Medical Center, he performs X-ray diagnostic and preventive examinations in the Department of Radiation Diagnostics
  • radiography
  • CT scan
  • mammography

  • Prepares patients for X-ray examinations.
  • Prepares research documentation
  • Prepares contrast agents for the procedure.
  • Makes radiographs, tomograms, conducts photo processing, participates in fluoroscopy.
  • Monitors the dose of x-rays.
  • Monitors the patient's condition during the study.
  • Provides emergency first aid if needed.

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