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Alexander Furmanov

Консультация Фурманов Александр Юрьевич в Киеве возле Лукьяновки и Политехнического института, Медиленд

Orthopedist-traumatologist, plastic surgeon of the hand, doctor of medical sciences

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

More than 35 years of practical experience

Specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of congenital and acquired diseases of the hand and fingers, the consequences of injuries to the hand and fingers of adults and children.

Professional area - plastic and reconstructive surgery of the extremities - treatment of injuries to the skin, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, bones, joints and their consequences, anomalies in the development of the hand in children, tumor and other diseases of the upper limb and postoperative rehabilitation of patients.

Education and skills development:

  • In 1984 he graduated from the pediatric faculty of the Bogomolets Kiev Medical Institute. Internship in Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics

  • 1990 - course of specialization "Vascular Microsurgery"

  • From 1985 to 2004 he worked at the Ukrainian Center for Children's Microsurgery at the Ukrainian Children's Specialized Hospital "Okhmatdet"

  • Since 1995 Until 2003 was the chief pediatric orthopedist - traumatologist of the Main Department of Health and Medical Support of Kiev

  • 1994 - Internship in Hand Surgery and Microsurgery, University of Northern Alberta (Edmonton, Canada)

  • 1996 - Specialization course in massage and physiotherapy exercises with the qualification "Masseur"

  • 1996 - course of specialization in massage and manual therapy with the qualification "Doctor of Manual Therapy"

  • 2005 - internship at the "K. Kleinert Institute of Hand Surgery and Microsurgery", USA, Louisville

  • 2007 - PAC on pediatric orthopedics and traumatology

  • 2007 - Practical and theoretical course on the use of thermoplastic materials for splinting "T-tape International", organized by T-Tape Company BV, Netherlands; on surgery

  • 2009г. – ТУ «Информационно – аналитическое обеспечение медицинских исследований»

  • 2010 - specialization in surgery

  • 2011 - Study tour with specialized departments of Top Ichilov and Assuta hospitals, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • 2015 - TU "Minimally invasive techniques in plastic surgery"

  • 2016 - specialization in vascular surgery

  • 2016 - course on the application of the innovative system "Top Closure". LV.T.Medical Ltd

  • 2017г. - "Minimally invasive techniques in plastic surgery"

  • 2020 - TU "Topical issues of surgery of great vessels

  • 2021 - TU "Actual issues of phlebology"

    Author of 89 scientific papers (of which 2 are textbooks and manuals for doctors) and 12 inventions, including 1 invention of the USA and 1 of Europe. Participated in 5 TV programs.

  • Member of the Presidium of the All-Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons of Ukraine.

  • Certified member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Vascular Surgeons, Phlebologists and Angiologists of Ukraine.

  • Member of the Ukrainian Association of Orthopedics - Traumatologists

Diagnostics and treatment of diseases
Консультация травматолога в Киеве возле Лукьяновки и Политехнического института, Медиленд


  • pain in the hand and fingers;
  • violations of the sensitivity of the hand and fingers;
  • violation of movements of the hand and fingers;
  • neoplasms of the hand and fingers;
  • deformities of the hand and fingers.

Examination of the hand and fingers:

  • non-contact thermometry;
  • determination of arterial blood flow of the hand and fingers (clinically and with a portable Doppler transducer);
  • determination of tactile, pain, discrimination and temperature sensitivity;
  • determination of sensitivity restoration according to the Sensory Recovery Grading System;
  • cold intolerance test;
  • measuring hand strength with a Jamar dynamometer;
  • measuring finger strength with a pinch dynamometer;
  • measuring the degree of swelling of the finger;
  • Kapandji test to determine the opposition of 1 finger;
  • Vancouver Scar Assessment;
  • the use of questionnaires and tests to determine the integral function of the hand and fingers, cold tolerance, etc .;
  • conducting a manual muscle test;
  • assessment of finger mobility by goniometry;
Реконструкция кисти рук в Киеве, Медиленд

Non-surgical treatment (injection therapy):

  • inflammation of the tendon-ligamentous structures (De Quervain's disease; "cross-syndrome", syndrome of the rear of the capsule of the wrist joint, trigger finger stage 1, etc.)

  • manual therapy for epicondylitis

  • heel spur injection treatment

Surgical treatment of the hand Alexander Furmanov


  • Anomalies in the development of the hand and fingers:
    - syndactyly
    - hypoplasia of 1 toe (2-3 degrees)
    - doubling 1 finger
    - supernumerary fingers (polydactyly)
  • Consequences of hand and finger injuries
  • Post-burn deformities of the hand and fingers.

Adults - diseases, injuries, their consequences:

  • Emergency non-microsurgical fingertip replantation;
  • emergency closure of traumatic fingertip defects;
  • restoration of damaged flexor tendons of the fingers (suture, plastic, dynamic tenodesis);
  • restoration of damaged extensor tendons of the fingers (suture, plastic, tendon transposition);
  • restoration of damaged peripheral nerves of the forearm, hand and fingers (neurolysis, suture, plastic, installation of conduits, transposition of nerve branches);
  • tendon - muscle transposition in the aftermath of damage (post-traumatic paralysis) of the median, ulnar and radial nerves of the upper limb;
  • treatment of painful post-traumatic neuromas of the fingers;
  • treatment of flexion and extension post-traumatic and post-burn contractures of the fingers;
  • treatment of post-burn deformities of the nail;
  • treatment of post-traumatic nail deformities;
  • toe-to-toe nail transplant;
  • removal of benign bone tumors of the bones of the fingers and hand (with and without auto-bone grafting);
  • removal of benign tumors of the soft tissues of the hand and fingers;
  • trigger (clicking) finger (stenosing ligamentitis);
  • treatment of Dupuytren's contracture;
  • treatment of nail deformities.


  • electrical stimulation of the nerves and muscles of the upper limb;
  • Exercise therapy, massage after operations on the hand and fingers;
  • treatment after tendon injury according to various international protocols;
  • splinting with plaster casts, heat-sensitive plastic bandages, etc.;
  • thermal procedures;
  • removal of stitches from postoperative wounds.

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